The Early Learning Centre at Furlong Park provides a child focused, play-based educational program for 3 – 5 year olds, who have a permanent, bilateral hearing loss of at least 40dB across 3 frequencies.
The program is delivered in both spoken English and Auslan (Australian Sign Language).
Our aim within the Early Learning Centre is to facilitate the children’s development with an emphasis on their language development. The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VELDF) guides and informs our learning program and focuses on extending children’s strengths. The VELDF recognises the parents as the child’s first teacher and the staff work closely with parents/caregivers to ensure that the children have the opportunity to develop and reach their potential.
The 5 learning Outcomes contained in the VELDF form the basis for the program development.

  • Identity – How does the child see themselves as a young deaf child?
  • Wellbeing – How does the child manage their devices? i.e. Hearing Aides, Cochlear Implants
  • Community – How do they manage in different community settings? i.e. Home, mainstream settings
  • Learning – Developing their thinking skills,
  • Communication – Developing their ability to communicate their thoughts, understandings, about the world around them.

The Early Learning Centre provides two programs. The 3 year old program is for 2 days and the 4 year old program is for 3 days. The children attend from 9.00am to 3.15pm.