Shannon Baker
Speech Pathologist

Our Speech Pathologist works in both the Class Speech program and Learning Intervention.

Class Speech program
The Class Speech program at Furlong Park School for Deaf Children is a vital initiative to enhance the language and communication skills of our students. This tailored program supports each learner at Furlong Park, from the Early Education Program (EEP) to the senior years, to access the curriculum and express themselves confidently. By collaborating with teachers, the speech pathologist co-creates the class learning goals and delivers engaging and effective sessions that meet the needs of each student. One of the innovative methods used in the Class Speech program is Shape Coding, a visual system that teaches students the rules for understanding and using English grammar. You can find more information about Shape Coding here.

Aligned with the Victorian Curriculum, the Class Speech program fosters literacy, critical thinking, and social skills in our students. Research has shown that these skills improve academic outcomes and well-being. Furthermore, the program empowers students to communicate respectfully and constructively with others.

Learning Intervention
As part of the Tutor Learning Initiative (TLI), our school provides extra targeted learning support to students who need it most. The TLI is a Victorian Government initiative that aims to help students who struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic disruptions to catch up and keep up with their learning. Each term, the speech pathologist works with a number of students either individually or in pairs as part of the school Learning Intervention Program. Students are seen for two 30-minute sessions per week for 8-10 weeks. The speech pathologist collaborates with teachers to identify students for the program based on their progress within the Reading & Viewing, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Personal and Social Victorian Curriculum areas. For each student that takes part in the program, a specific learning goal is constructed in collaboration with the student’s teachers and, where appropriate, with the student themselves. The student’s classroom teacher is provided with regular feedback on their progress, as well as strategies and resources to support that student. Families are also provided with regular updates on their child’s progress via Seesaw.

If you want to learn more about the Tutor Learning Initiative, please visit Tutor Learning Initiative.