Rachelle Stevens
Auslan Teacher

The Auslan program at Furlong Park School for Deaf Children is a vital part of our school curriculum. It enables our Deaf and hard of hearing students to communicate with ease and confidence. It also connects them to the rich culture and history of the Deaf Community. The program supports their language development, self-esteem, and identity as Deaf people. The majority of our student skills are built on from their initial exposure to Auslan via Early Intervention programs and further developed in our Early Education Program. The school students have a weekly specialist Auslan lesson, where they learn about the language, culture, and history of the Deaf Community. We have Deaf staff and visitors who enrich our Auslan environment and inspire our students. The Auslan program follows the Victorian Curriculum’s Languages to plan, assess, and report on our students’ Auslan learning. The Auslan program fosters a positive and inclusive environment in our primary school, preparing our students for lifelong communication and learning in Auslan.

The Auslan program is based on the rationale and aims of the Victorian Curriculum: Auslan, which recognises the importance of learning a sign language for Deaf and hard of hearing students. The Victorian Curriculum: Auslan provides a framework for teaching and learning Auslan as a first or second language, as well as for developing intercultural understanding and respect for the Deaf Community.

You can also find more information about the Victorian Curriculum: Auslan on the VCAA website.