Students at Furlong Park receive a challenging and inclusive program, informed by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) for students progressing towards the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) and these are Individual Learning Plans (ILPs).

All students attending Furlong Park have Individual Learning Plans. These Plans are compiled at Student Support Groups (SSGs) held at the beginning of Terms 1 and 3, and are evaluated at the end of Terms 2 and 4. Teachers and parents together set achievable goals for the student based on perceived areas of need, Victorian Essential Learning Standards with its three components of Physical, Personal and Social Learning; Discipline-based Learning and Interdisciplinary Learning or Students with Additional Needs Learning Indicators. As the Plans are individual, the children are assessed on their progress within the goals set for them. Emphasis is placed on the attainment of literacy and numeracy skills at all levels, particularly in the early years, with the school embracing the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Our students have access to specialist subjects including LOTE (Auslan) Performing Arts / Visual Arts, Physical Education and Multimedia (Information Technology/Library). Our Library Resource complex is well-resourced with computers and software support. All classrooms have access to state of the art interactive whiteboards for teaching and learning.

Our highly trained and skilled teachers ensure every student receives a quality education that caters for their individual needs. To keep abreast of changes not only with the curriculum but also with teaching methods, staff are actively supported through literacy and numeracy coaching. In 2011 and 2012, the school employed a literacy consultant to work directly with teachers in the classroom to further develop teaching effectiveness and to build consistent practices across the school and the Early Learning Centre. Teachers and students are also supported by highly trained and skilled Education Support staff.

Our newsletter contains articles and information about the activities and programs at our school, upcoming events and other important information and is distributed to each family alternate Wednesday afternoons.

We are a SunSmart school reinforcing in all students the need to protect their skin from the dangers of the sun’s rays.

The school’s enrolment is approximately 45. Being a small school allows the children, teachers and parents to get to know each other – nobody is just a face in a crowd.

Excursions, incursions, clinics, visiting performers and deaf role models are well organised, promoted, advertised with parents and families invited to attend most of the activities.

We invite you to come and inspect our facilities and talk to our staff about our school and our curriculum provision.

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LOTE- Auslan

Individual Learning Plans and Wellbeing

Information Literacy Program

Literacy in Early Years

Numeracy in Early Years

Intergrated Curriculum