The Visual Art program at Furlong Park  is a specialist subject area that each class participates in for an hour each week.

Visual Arts is a valued learning area that all students can participate and achieve in, at their own ability level. It promotes self-confidence, self-expression and a sense of achievement.

Students in the ‘Furlong Park Art Studio’ are encouraged to think and behave like Artists; experiment, imagine, analyse, try, persist, reflect, plan, and create.  The Art program promotes learning and development through fun, in a positive environment, where students are encouraged to share and discuss their own pieces of art and that of their peers. Student’s Art work is proudly displayed throughout the school to be observed and enjoyed by students and the wider community.

The Visual Art program encourages students to explore a wide range of materials and techniques through the following  areas;

  • drawing
  • painting
  • printmaking
  • collage
  • clay
  • sculpture
  • construction
  • textiles
  • Art appreciation

Learning in Visual Arts  also helps build students’, sensory development, motor skills, visual spatial awareness, communication, choice making, processing and collaborative skills.  These are fundamental skills for improved learning that transfer across to other areas of the curriculum.